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DeSales Community Housing Corporation

A community-based non-profit organization that promotes revitalization, affordable housing and good property management in neighborhoods in and near the City of St.

Services: Community Development Corporations, Recreational Activities/Sports

2759 Russell Boulevard

Saint Louis, MO 63104

(314) 776-5444

Downtown Springfield Association

SITE OVERVIEW Community development corporation that provides leadership, programs, and services to preserve and strengthen the economic vitality of Springfield's Center City and each of its distinctive historic business districts.

Services: Community Development Corporations, Computer Donation Programs, Office Equipment Donation Programs, Office Furniture Donation Programs, Office Supplies Donation Programs, Small Business Financing

304 West McDaniel

Springfield, MO 65806

(417) 831-6200

Downtown St. Louis Partnership

Serves as the catalyst for creating and promoting activities and events in downtown St.

Services: Neighborhood Revitalization

720 Olive Street

Suite 450

Saint Louis, MO 63101

(314) 436-6500

FamilyForward Downtown St. Louis Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW)

Provides supportive services to women and their children, including family literacy programs, economic self sufficiency programs, language interpretation, language translation, individual development accounts.

Services: Economic Self Sufficiency Programs, Family Literacy Programs, Gift Card Donation Programs, Individual Development Accounts, Language Interpretation, Language Translation

1914 Olive Street

Suite 200

Saint Louis, MO 63103

(314) 588-8300

Freeman Foundation

SITE OVERVIEW Hospital system that strives to improve the health of the communities they serve through contemporary, innovative, quality healthcare solutions.

Services: Fundraising Campaigns

931 East 32nd Street

Joplin, MO 64804

(417) 347-6657

Gateway Greening, Inc.

Promotes urban gardening in low to moderate income neighborhoods, by providing ongoing leadership, education and material resources needed for community gardening.

Services: Neighborhood Revitalization

2211 Washington Avenue

Saint Louis, MO 63103

(314) 588-9600

Gateway Housing First

Develops, owns and operates permanent supported housing communities, assisting individuals and families who are eligible for Permanent Supportive Housing to find assistance and placement.

Services: Community Housing Development Organizations, Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing, Housing Related Coordinated Entry

1425 S 18th Street

Saint Louis, MO 63104

(314) 771-5335

Grace Hill Settlement House Water Tower Hub

A one-stop shop for economic, education and health services, includes Head Start, Women's Business Center, Community School Partnerships and Community Development Program.

Services: Business Assistance Centers, Community Development Corporations, Head Start, School Based Integrated Services

2125 Bissell Street

Saint Louis, MO 63107

(314) 584-6858


IFF strengthens nonprofits and their communities through lending and real estate consulting.

Services: Small Business Financing

911 Washington Avenue

Suite 203

Saint Louis, MO 63101

(314) 588-8840

International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis

Offers comprehensive adjustment services for refugees and immigrants in the community; including summer food program, general furniture provision, general clothing provision, shoes, personal/grooming supplies, personal financial counseling, tax rebate assistance, tax credit assistance, tax prep assistance, immigrant benefit assistance, citizenship education, english as a second language, certified application counselor programs, comprehensive job assistance, job training formats, undesignated temporary financial assistance, case/care management, refugee resettlement services, home management instruction, language interpretation, computer and related technology, family counseling, individual counseling, cultural heritage programs, individual development accounts, small business development, senior centers, bedding/linen donation program, furniture/home furnishings donation programs, personal/grooming donations, school supplies donation programs, and specialized information and referral.

Services: Bedding/Linen Donation Programs, Case/Care Management, Certified Application Counselor Programs, Citizenship Education, Comprehensive Job Assistance Centers, Computer and Related Technology Classes, Cultural Heritage Programs, English as a Second Language, Family Counseling, Furniture/Home Furnishings Donation Programs, General Clothing Provision, General Furniture Provision, Home Management Instruction, Immigrant Benefits Assistance, Individual Counseling, Individual Development Accounts, Job Training Formats, Language Interpretation, Personal Financial Counseling, Personal/Grooming Supplies

3401 Arsenal Street

Saint Louis, MO 63118

(314) 773-9090

Viewing 11-20 of 159 results (listed by best match)