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Perinatal Hospice Programs

Taxonomy Code: LT-3000.6000

Programs that provide assistance and support including end of life planning, palliative care and grief counseling for pregnant women who have found through prenatal evaluation that their baby has a lethal genetic anomaly that will likely result in a stillbirth or early death and who make the decision to carry the baby to term rather than terminate their pregnancy. Hospice nurses and social workers may arrange birthing lessons for those who do not want to attend classes with women carrying healthy babies; help the family develop a birthing plan that indicates their wishes during labor and delivery; provide advice on how to tell other children in the family that the new baby will not be growing up with them; offer support during the delivery process and/or after the birth has occurred; assist the family in memory making activities such as photographs, footprints and handprints; and provide hospice services in the home if the newborn lives beyond a few days. The program helps families to both welcome and enjoy their baby during the time they have and, when necessary, to say good-bye.

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