211 Reports & Data

United Way 211 collects valuable community data through voluntary demographic questions of our callers. We then aggregate that data to provide reports on needs and trends to the community. Organizations often use this information for grant applications & reports, research & analysis, and service expansion opportunities. Several example reports are included below.

Additionally, the 211s in Missouri have jointly implemented a real-time reporting dashboard in collaboration with Washington University called 211 Counts. Anyone can access live information on trends reported to 211 at 211mo.211counts.org.

Find statistics on needs and unmet needs of 211 calls for the physical areas you are interested in and view 211 and census data on the map.

211 Counts

2023 SNAPSHOT211 Call Statistics
2022 SNAPSHOT211 Call Statistics
2021 SNAPSHOT211 Call Statistics

United Way 211 provides an annual report on our 23 county service area, semi-annual reports on community needs and one-page area specific snapshot reports on demand, as well as other topic-specific reports throughout the year.

Visit the Contact Us page for information on customized reports.