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Disaster Resources

United Way Worldwide continues to coordinate several relief funds in cooperation with local organizations for the disastrous wildfires and hurricanes that have happened over the past 2 years. You can find more information at

National VOAD is also continuing to provide long term case management for Texans affected by the hurricanes through Project Comeback: Texas.


If there are currently any local or national disasters, 211 strives to provide current, verified information about assistance, donation and giving opportunities.


The Coronavirus (AKA COVID-19 or novel coronavirus) is a virus spreading from Wuhan, China and has now been seen in many countries including the US. "Novel" in the name means that it is a strain of virus not previously seen in humans.

This virus presents as an upper respiratory illness with symptoms similar to the common flu (fever, cough and shortness of breath) and is spreading person-to-person. The virus has caused death but cases have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness depending on a variety of factors that are not yet fully known.

General Information
  • The CDC recommends that people who have recently traveled or been in contact with someone who has recently traveled outside of the U.S. and starts experiencing these symptoms should contact a health professional for guidance.
  • In order to prevent spread of the virus, the CDC recommends taking steps you would typically take to prevent illness.
    1. Wash your hands regularly
    2. Avoid contact with people who have recently traveled outside of the country
    3. Stay home if you have any symptoms that resemble the common cold or flu
  • While the spread of a novel virus is concerning, the death rate of this virus is still significantly lower than that of seasonal flu, and the spread can be slowed and reduced by taking simple steps like hand washing.


The state of California experienced several large-scale wildfires in 2019. Activity around this disaster has slowed, however it will continue to affect the area and residents in the long term.

California Office of Emergency Services Wildfire Information & Resources Updates Page provides information on the wildfires and resources.

California Community Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund provides immediate through long-term assistance to those affected by wildfires.


During a disaster, United Way 211 is your trusted source for information, updates, and resources.

We provide information on (as appropriate):

  • Mass Care Shelters
  • Food Services
  • Disaster Recovery Centers
  • Goods Distribution Sites
  • Major Road Closures
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Donation Opportunities, including Money & Material Goods

Make 211 your source of information when you have questions about resources and assistance in any situation.