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Disaster Resources

United Way Worldwide continues to coordinate several relief funds in cooperation with local organizations for the disastrous wildfires and hurricanes that have happened over the past 2 years. You can find more information at

National VOAD is also continuing to provide long term case management for Texans affected by the hurricanes through Project Comeback: Texas.


If there are currently any local or national disasters, 211 strives to provide current, verified information about assistance, donation and giving opportunities.


The state of California has several large-scale wildfires in areas including Kincaid, Getty and Tick. A public safety power shutoff (PSPS) has been initiated for multiple areas. Thousands of people have been displaced or are without power.


The Red Cross Safe and Well Website provides a place for people to register their welfare status in a disaster, and to search for their loved-ones statuses.

General Information
People Who Want to Volunteer
Currently there are no requests for volunteers.
If opportunities become available, information will be on the California Volunteers page.

People Who Want to Donate
Currently there are no requests for material items; monetary donations are recommended. This is a list of vetted relief funds:


During a disaster, United Way 211 is your trusted source for information, updates, and resources.

We provide information on (as appropriate):

  • Mass Care Shelters
  • Food Services
  • Disaster Recovery Centers
  • Goods Distribution Sites
  • Major Road Closures
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Donation Opportunities, including Money & Material Goods

Make 211 your source of information when you have questions about resources and assistance in any situation.