Bed Bugs

Tips for Treating Bed Bugs

  • Identification
  • Education
  • Location
  • Removal

Source: State of Michigan Emerging Disease Issues,
Source: National Pesticide Information Center,

Health Literacy

Medical care, dental care, nutrition and self-care are all important to your health.

Make sure to have an emergency contact list and list of medications for family members


Source: Mid America Immunization Coalition,

Needle Disposal

Where can a person go to dispose of used medical needles?

According to St. Luke's Home Health team and

  • Put used needles/other sharps in a strong plastic container (hospital grade sharps bin, small plastic storage bin, old laundry detergent bottle)
  • Do not use milk jugs or water bottles, do not fill past 3/4 full
  • Dispose of well-sealed plastic container when it is 3/4 full in your household trash and start with a new container
  • Do not recycle needles/sharps