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Student Loan Forgiveness/Repayment Programs

Taxonomy Code: HL-8000.8090

Programs that offer alternative arrangements for repayment of student loans under specified circumstances when borrowers are having trouble making their regular payments. Included are deferment programs which allow the individual to postpone repayment of the loan for an agreed period of time, generally with no interest accrual; forbearance arrangements which involve temporary postponement of payment on the principle but continued payment of the interest or capitalization of the interest (folding it into the principle); loan repayment programs under which the individual’s employer (often the military or federal employer) or another organization makes loan payments on behalf of the individual up to a specified limit; and loan forgiveness programs which involve cancellation of all or a portion of the loan amount in exchange for military service, volunteer work, teaching in schools that serve low-income families, work in a public interest law firm or meeting other criteria specified by the forgiveness program. Borrowers can also make other arrangements with the lender including more affordable payment plans and loan consolidation.

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